✿ About Us ✿

Hii, everyone welcome to Maids of Edengrove a unique company that focuses on improving the quality of life in Aeternum we know you are wary and life is hard but come stay at our host club, enjoy our fluffy waffles, crispy chicken and tasty fruit jams while you relax by the fire after a long day of grinding.

✿ Goals ✿

Reach 30 active members by end of beta
Plan day one levelling and group teams for release
Develop strategy plans based on settlement wars in beta
Create Task Teams for organized battle

Ideally, we would like to be a support company that works with bigger, larger companies supplying what they need for the large sieges on settlements. Ideally, if we have enough members we love to grab our maces, and swords and fight like maidens do on the battlefield like heroes of justice lmao. 

✿ Maid Activities ✿

Craft and gather like kawaii maids & butlers 
Run expeditions and other major PvE activities
Have monthly fun community events
Host events where other companies can come
Destroy the evil edge lords 
Take part in large PvP activities, Settlement Wars and Fort Battles
Make some waffles with creme 

Here at Maids for short, we are a company who will focus on making the island of Aeternum a happier and safer place for all the guests and villagers of Aeternum from clearing dungeons to controlling shrines we will put our best after to put smiles on everyone’s face while having the best refreshments and private club in all of Aeternum. If you are wary and need a place to rest, come lay on the lap of Aeternum at the foothills of Edengrove and be blessed by the beauties that await.

✿ What is True Maid Material ✿

Never gives up during a siege for glory
Brings a smile even when times are low
Respects guests and their fellow maids
Here to have a fun time and eat lots of Waffles
Are available for full time service at Edengrove

✿ Current Situation ✿

Currently, we are very new but have big dreams, if you are looking for a friendly and welcoming place. But you also want to spend a considerable amount of time in Aeternum look now further than your friendly maids of Edengrove.

35 Discord Active Members for Release
Server in development Join below
Developing Maid’s Mascot
All types of people welcome https://discord.gg/Jn5Ct8egRy