Knights of Oblivion is a small, close knit gaming group that formed playing Warframe and is now planning on playing New World. We are allied with several other strong and solid, like minded gaming communities for launch on NA East. We are not interested in dominating servers and being toxic or rude. Our goal is to relax and have a fun gaming experience with friends and like minded gamers.

We are looking for mature, level headed and friendly players to join our growing company. No toxicity and no drama please. We are a casual group who just want to have fun gaming together. We also like to do non-game things together such as movie nights. We are all long time gaming groups that have formed a solid alliance of gamers who have been together for years, so we are a stable, inclusive and friendly group. We welcome players who have played the alpha and beta tests as well as news players. Help, guidance and advice will be freely available to any new players who are just starting out.

We also have many gaming friends in the EU who are with us and welcome other gamers in the EU who want to play on NA East

NOTE: We have listed Niraya as our server of choice but we may change that depending on circumstances. Please message and join us in Discord for updates on which server we will be choosing.

Maturity and stability... please no toxicity. Prefer adults 18+
Be active in game and in Discord.
English speaking
No toxicity toward other members or other companies. A little smack talk is ok... but keep it in the realm of fun gaming and combat
We are a casual company but there is absolutely a place for hard core players. Everyone is welcome.

Goals on Release:
• Claim a territory within first few days of release. This means everyone will be providing the company with money to allow us to claim a territory quickly. 
• Daily PVE Questing and Grinding
• Daily PVP and Expeditions

For more information feel free to DM me on Discord at JunoBlade#3083. Invited to the company Discord will be sent after we chat. :-)