-Active and relevant server presence
-Establishing ourselves as a known force of power in PvP
-Development of both our guild and our members 
-Active improvement and recruitment of the in game guild 
-Constant semi-static roster, quality > quantity 
-Territory control and development

-Established leadership with experience across multiple MMOs 
-A welcoming environment 
-Knowledgeable and supportive guild roster 
-An active guild with variety of play styles 
-We play to win, but never forget we're playing for fun 
-Semi-hardcore mindset, put in the hours to stay competitive but irl > game

Hand of Unity is a friendly multi-gaming community which is excited about playing New World. We’re a group which has been together for many years, playing games such as ArcheAge, Black Desert, Overwatch, Sea of Thieves, Division 2 and more. We have members from across the world who bring a variety of experience to the community. In the near future we are also looking to play other games such as Hytale, Ashes of Creation and Palia. Within our community we have members excited to enjoy all content New World has to offer. That means that all players are welcome to apply, no matter your preference of playstyle. We understand that in any MMO, a presence in all areas is required to succeed.

Find out more by visiting our website: http://www.handofunity.eu/ or please do feel free to send Ariakira#2918 , Jjampong#1764 or Rellik#9001 a PM with any questions.

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/HandofUnity

Our community introduction video: https://youtu.be/JHTSHAM5NvA