We are looking for mature, level headed and friendly players to join our growing company. No toxicity and no drama. We are a tryhard group who just want to have fun gaming together. 

Maturity and stability... please no toxicity. Prefer adults 18+
Be active in game and in Discord.
English speaking
No toxicity toward other members or other companies. A little smack talk is ok... but keep it in the realm of fun gaming and combat
We are a tryhard company but there is absolutely a place for casual players. Everyone is welcome.

Goals on Release:
• Claim a territory within first few days of release. This means everyone will be providing the company with money to allow us to claim a territory quickly. 
• Daily PVE Questing and Grinding
• Daily PVP and Expeditions
• Development of both our guild and our members

What we offer:
- A friendly environment
- Established leadership and experience 
- Knowledgeable and supportive guild roster to help everyone improve in what they like to do
- An active guild with variety of play styles

For more information feel free to DM me on Discord at PaiN#1263. Invited to the company Discord will be sent after we chat. :-)