Everfall Logging Company is a group of sisters and brothers. With that in mind we demand that all members new and old alike respect one another and treat each other as they deserve to be treated. We don't tolerate any form is discrimination, racism or sexism in our company. People from all walks of life and all levels of talent are welcome to be apart of our family.

Everfall Logging Company's leaders are: 
Governor - Svetska (Svetska #4594)
WoW Guild Leader / Assistant Governor - Cheezey (Cheezey #7236)
Consul - Carvillian
Consul - Yudjinn
Consul - Kofet1122
Consul - Ovan

Everfall Logging Company will be apart of the Marauder Faction.

Everfall Logging Company will be playing on Penglai.

Everfall Logging Company's Siege Time will be 7:00pm EST to 7:30pm EST (1900-1930).

Everfall Logging Company is actively recruiting all players. We consider our self Casually Hardcore. Meaning, we enjoy the game for what it is a game. However, we will put our nose to the grindstone when needed to accomplish our goals.

To join Everfall Logging Company, simple message Svetska in-game or any of the above listed Consuls in-game.

Join us on Discord as well. https://discord.gg/9fTQKrBUmZ