keywords: PvX- Organised- Discord required- Mature- Marauders- 50+ launch signups

1. We are a PvX company and will stay true to both PvE and PvP in terms of organisation, game content and the company will create space for players to enjoy and push every single content the game has to offer.

2. Ideology: We are focused to create a community of players who are  engaging in gameplay content, discord and are part of the company. We are not looking for just numbers wherein you are doing nothing more than running around with a company tag. Team based gameplay activity requires you to be on voice for that content. eg: PvE dungeons, any PvP team content. Otherwise, we will encourage more voice channel participation to just hangout and play together.

3.  Core of the Company and branches: The core of the company apart from a community style gameplay is every PvE content available. If the game releases a new endgame dungeon or a elitist hardmode dungeon, we as a company should be resourceful enough to be one of the first and consistent clearers with multiple different groups. We want everyone to at the minimum push most of the gathering skills.

Branches of the company is based on the content available for us as a company. If we are claiming territories and participating in wars, that would be a branch of the company. And as such, PvP will require its own mindset to participate. For example, if you are low level for early instanced 50v50 War content, and/or do not have the requisite weapon levels or a 'meta' composition and the right mindset and excitement for PvP, we won't add you for that content. Otherwise, we will try and encourage everyone for the variety of the content the game has to offer, help and teach!

4.  Launch Day plans: We will focus on territory claim. Just one. and crafting upgrades and make organisational and tactical preps for any wars. We will be Marauders. There will be a list of dedicated crafters the company will push at very early game for quick endgame products for all. After which we will boost everyone else actively pushing the different crafting trees.

5. Etiquette: We are trying to build a community for people to hangout, engage, have fun, and progress and push every content to its limits, together. As such we are looking for mature mindset individuals or groups who look for a healthy and safe environment while providing the same to others.

Discord contact: Parker#1247


About Me:
15 year MMORPG veteran who led massive PvX guilds/server communities in Aika, Tera, Destiny 2 and Guild wars 2. A hardcore PvP player now interested in more PvX , relaxed  but very well organised gameplay. 2x reference videos below of me voice commanding in Guild wars 2

Looking forward to your arrival. Happy gaming!